About Us

About Us

East Coast Metal Fabrication is a Nova Scotia based Metal Fabrication Company servicing Canada’s Industrial sector.

East Coast Metal Fabrication is located ocean side in Edwardsville, Nova Scotia. The company operates a 28,000 square foot fabrication/painting facility on 18 ocean dock side acres located in the Sydport Marine Park.

East Coast Metal Fabrication has fully experienced shop and field welding/fabrication crew.  ECMF also has a fully experienced industrial management team with strong mining and industrial plant management experience. Through partnering with our clients we successfully build products which service heavy commercial and industrial environments. Through strategic partnerships East Coast Metal Fabrication is able to streamline costs and schedules for mutual growth, while building strong relationships that last.

With this, East Coast Metal Fabrication is positioned for strong growth in Eastern Canada’s Oil, Mining and ship building.

ECMF, Sydney Harbour (blue building is fab shop)